Mary Mac interviews Christopher Dines about his new fantastic book, "Manifest Your Bliss: A Spiritual Guide to Inner Peace".

Christopher Francis Dines, (born August 19th, 1983) nicknamed "Divinity" is an English meditation teacher, spiritual author and former House DJ.

Having a deep love for music, Christopher dropped out of high-school at 15 to pursue a full time career as an electronic house DJ. Through this thrilling experience unfortunately Christopher's drug taking and party life-style spiraled out of control which led to full blown alcoholism and cocaine addiction. After a gravely dark rock bottom, Christopher cleaned up aged 21 (summer 2004) and began to soul-search. This led to a deep exploration of the human mind and roads to emotional well-being and self-realization. This has been accomplished through intense self-education and with the invaluable help and guidance of enlightened spiritual mentors. It was at this time that Christopher discovered the wonderful inner peace that the art of meditation could bring while spending time with monks in Thailand.

Dines "retired" from the electronic dance music industry in June 2006 to give public talks on inspirational ideas and spiritual awareness and create personal development and meditation workshops and courses. Christopher is the author of "A Ticket to Prosperity" and "The Mystery of Belief: How to Manifest Your Dreams". Dines has a new book release in March 2013 titled "Manifest Your Bliss: A Spiritual Guide to Inner Peace".

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