The "malleable form" of the book constitutes the focus of Amaranth Borsuk's incisive research into how poetics can leverage the affordances of new media. Her 2009 augmented reality book project Between Page and Screen ( ) is a book that contains no words; instead it is full of markers that trigger augmented poems that rise off the page. In this way, book and software fuse, the act of reading is diffused across media, and the poetic style of concrete poetry is updated to 3D interactivity.

Her work also displays a fastidious concentration on the thematics and content of writing; she meticulously ensures that content and technology function as a single conjoined braided entity.

In this interview, Amaranth Borsuk describes the technology behind her augmented reality book project and then reminds us that the "reader stands at the focal point". Borsuk's prescience is palpably evident in the proliferation of augmented reality applications which are now being developed as commercial large-scale projects.

Interviewed & edited by
Jhave of

Recorded at EPC SUNY Buffalo
on Feb. 4th 2012

Sponsored by NT2 Concordia

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