JR Carpenter has been exploring alternative forms of writing since before the internet arrived. With the emergence of the internet, her writing moved online. Motivated by the freedom and spontaneity offered by self web-publishing, Carpenter's site luckysoap.com/ offers an expanding diverse collection of JR's intricate and humorous mediated writings that explore displacement and texture in their content, formal technique and theoretical engagement.

By consistently exploring how image and text recombine within new media (using maps, images, videos, horizontal scrolls, and dynamically fed data) JR personifies a new genre of writer, concerned with preserving the functional traditional architecture of the short story while injecting innovation into its distribution, presentation and reception.

Interviewed & edited by
Jhave of glia.ca/

Recorded at Banff Centre
on Feb. 21st 2012

Sponsored by NT2 Concordia

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