I have not been happy recently with the output from my canon 5D3 using the 'flat settings' you can put on the thing (pulling contract, sharpmess down, etc). So I decided to try the Marvels Cinestyle v 3.4. I was also going to try the technicolor one too, but all of a sudden they no longer offer the LUT that goes with it for free?!?!

Anyway, to most anyone stumbling upon this footage (which will be boring to listen to and watch), I'm just trying out various lighting setups, like basic 3 point lighting. I found that I was overexposing on most of these, and I need to use diffusers more.

I'm also trying to use Davinci Resolve Lite to color correct and color grade. I do a split screen in each clip showing the out of camera footage and the color graded version. Still trying to get Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7 and latest version of Davinci Resolve Lite , and ALL-I footage from the Canon 5D3 to roundtrip with XML nicely, but still not quite working.

Lastly, I also was trying to use a ExpoImaging ExpoDisc 77mm Digital White Balance Filter. I tried in various shot shooting with it towards the lighting (from the actors POV), and from the camera on tripod POV. It appears that with my unfortunate mix of lights...if not taking the reading from the Actors POV, everything has a green tint, especially near the stove.

I see that I also now need to get the static kitchen lights which are halogens about 2700K and my current clamp lights which use CFL bulbs at 5000K to be more of a closer match. This will definitely help the white balance, which from this, I can see, is half the battle.

Also, experimenting with using letterbox/widescreen format. I used FCPX's filter for letterbox, then after exporting to a .mov file, I used mpeg streamclip to trim off the black bars by 132px top and bottom and into mpeg-4.

Anyway, just posting this to see how it looks from Vimeo HD, and to use as a reference when I shoot my next CWI cooking shows. Hoping to get the more cinematic look that my camera is capable of.

I still have a LOT to learn, but that's part of the fun....

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