Heres an example of how you open a crank style roof top tent. This tent was just purchased from
Hard Shell Tents are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass is material made from long strands of specially treated glass woven together to create durable bonds. Resin is one of several types of binder used for fillers and adhesives. The two are mixed together to make fiberglass resin, which is a strong, yet pliable, material used in boats, car body repair, snowmobiles, jet skis, snowboards, pole vault poles, bathtubs and many other items where strength and lightweight are required. Objects made from fiberglass mats bonded with fiberglass resin can withstand great stress and bounce back into shape.

The added safety of owning a Hard Top Roof Shell Roof Top Tent RTT is immeasurable if you are like a lot of people who have friends spread around in many states it means long drives. These RTT’s can save lives by allowing weary travelers and commuters to give themselves a break at those critical moments when they know they shouldn't be driving. With this Hard Top Roof Top Tent you can STOP and save the lives of your family and others by taking a 20 minute power nap wake up drink a coffee and drive on through. It takes a minute to open the tent and a minute to close it. You can open this tent almost anywhere you can park a car.

Like Wal-Mart, Public Street, Pay-to-Park, Metered Parking, Parks, Boat Landing, Event Parking Lot’s, Tailgating Areas, Rest Stops, Truck Stops, Convenience Marts as long as it’s not handicap parking or blocking any handicap accessible paths.

When not in use you hardly notice you have a RTT on your vehicle. You can drive around normally whenever the tent is retracted and not being used to sleep or relax. The next time you think about car camping or sleeping on top of your car in the middle of nowhere at the spur of the moment you know you will be covered as a Roof Top Tent owner. The next time you try to book a hotel last minute and then you go oh wait we can just drive and use the Hard Top Tent. The next time family comes and you run out of space give them your bed you will miss sleeping comfortably in your roof top tent that you use to take you away to so many awesome places. Honestly If you are like us here at Bigfoot Tents you will want to sleep in the tent so much your spouse will threaten divorce proceedings!

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