Hi to all
Finally here :) long awaited and some of first Panasonic hc-x920 test videos, please note this video is not made by me, I only uploaded it all credits go to creator of this video. Full review and more images and video test sample can be find below on owner original Japanese site using Bing translator :

I am not so impress, I waited so long for Panasonic to release small size semi pro cam as this one but with bigger chip sensor inside .It looks rumours was correct, this is definitely not 3x 1/2 inch complete chip, instead more marketing trick and only cropped 1/2 inch to use approx same 1/4 inch surface used for video as previous Panasonic TM700 TM900 X900 ... .It has bit brighter picture than previous Panasonic model due to Backlight capable image sensor, in my opinion colours are not any more Panasonic traditional look but more Sony retro green washed look , but probably because they use inside of this cam Sony made cmos chips, dynamic range looks poor over exposed and not overall balanced from bright to dark area, auto white balance looks to me still not very much accurate , I hope they at least finnaly have fixed huge sky bondi blue white balance color bug problem as on TM700 TM900.... I hope I am wrong as is probably still to early to speak about those issues. However it is really shame Panasonic didnt make any big change on camera body regarding big empty free large space under the LCD display to add more manual control buttons ,like white balance preset, shutter , gain etc.

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