2013 Demo reel for Stefan Scherperel
All scenes were shot, edited, color corrected by Stefan Scherperel
All CGI and special effects were created by Stefan Scherperel

Director Credits:
Eddie Smith: Man II Man,
Eddie Smith: Behind Closed Doors
Mel Eslyn: Dust and Clay
Mel Eslyn: Hannah Weeks Music Video
Mel Eslyn: Ducati Seattle 10 Year
Bryan Campbel: Sadistik Music Video
Bryan Campbel: Clockwork Music Video
Bryan Campbel: JFK High school sweetheart music video
Bryan Campbel: California Wireless Association
Bryan Campbel: D Black Music Video
Tarrence Santos: David and Goliath
Ben Rapson: Tulalip Casino Commercials
Ben Rapson: Cody BeeBee and the Crooks Music video,
T.J. Minno: A Penny Earned
Stefan Scherperel: Ian Williams MMA Fighter Featurette,
Stefan Scherperel: Dani May Red Fashion Shoot

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