This is not a pretty pictures test.
This is to see the camera under the worst of lighting conditions.
Single light source, High ISO's, same Megahertz wavelength conflict flickering & shutter speed & angle, complete darkness, Athens Greece chimney smoke smog, and various other gremlins that feast on vandalizing the ideal working conditions.
No PRORES, No Post Processing, No Sharpening, No Grain Adding.
Just . . .
Old Final Cut Pro 7 unrecognizable codec problems.
Old 50's soft lenses, Old softer Anamorphic Adapters on top of that.
PLUS the added benefit of VIMEO compression ;-)
Just to see where how far we could push it, how far we can go in-camera, just to see the capabilities of this beast, or lack there of . . .
You be the judge. . .
All questions (technical & aesthetic) welcome.

Ambient Afterburner - Canon 1DC - Cinema EOS - Anamorphic 1.5X (2:66:1 Aspect Ratio)
"An Anamorphic Window into Athens NightLights"

Respectfully, a tribute for inspiration to Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky, Helios (Keith & Holly Kenniff), and Henri Chrétien.

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