Hirsch&Mann (hirschandmann.com) was commissioned by the Science Museum London to build three exhibits that celebrated the legacy of Alan Turing. In 2012, they opened their Codebreaker exhibition in celebration of the centenary of Turing’s birth. The exhibition included a history of his incredible career, including artefacts like the groundbreaking Pilot ACE computer.

We were asked to create a series of exhibits which demonstrated and recognized the progress in computing while at the same time representing a spirit of engineering and innovation. To achieve this, Hirsch&Mann worked in collaboration with the very talented teams at The Cross Kings and Technology Will Save Us.(thecrosskings.com , technologywillsaveus.org )

We created three installations which each represented a programming principle: looping, variables, and conditionals. At the heart of each of these exhibits is an Arduino – an open source hardware platform which is incredibly accessible and has a growing community of contributors.

Each exhibit has the following:
- A display area to see the results of the program unfold.
- A console area where each of the programs can be interacted with.
- A code display area – which when activated, steps through the code events to help explain how the programming principles work.

For more info and process images, go to hirschandmann.com/2012/turing-at-the-science-museum-london/

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