Coming from the massive information torrent nowadays in the social networks, We can see daily, all kinds of opinions and points of views from so different sorts of people in the world, some of them matching criteria, some of them disagreeing with one another.

This is a fantastic palette to observe and to learn not only what is written or expressed, but to know the tendencies and the official gossiping or the Thinking Fashion, that shows how much We care about our own opinions and view of Our world, How much We share what We think.

But mainly We can see that all of Us drive Our lives in different environments or ways of living, whether physycally, sipiritually or simply in Our daily jobs or businesses.

We tend to criticize what We do not agree with, or what We think is wrong or bad, which is relative, since We are individual beings.

This criticism is the drive for judgement, a judgment that may come from generation inheritance whether politically, ideologically or spiritually in religion terms could be.

We have been existing with the idea of agreeing totally, and to live by one standard ideal, that the world should be one voice.

If We analize history, there have been so few ocassions, that We have agreed or exist in such an ideal, but We have survived and therefore continue living which is more valuable than agreeing.

This may drive Us to question Ourselves if this ideal of a total agreeing in one voice, is not a Utopy, That may have been put in Our heads by the system as a dogma to cause the opposite since it is obvious that We are different and unique between Us, and in the end it is obvious that We would disagree to a unique and solid ideal.

Singing in One voice, May not be agreeing, but understanding Each one of Us as a community, to live with Our wonderful palette of differences and particular lives.

In this video there are 5 areas that We as humans live by or discuss or push from daily, they are MACHINES, NATURE, MONEY, MEAT OR FLESH, JOBS.

Normally We see them as opposites to one another between them, or connected, depending on the ideals We carry on Our heads.

What has been happening is that We have been linked to one another on this way since Our very old ancestors were on the planet, growing laterally or in opposition, without noticing it on a first view.This has been Our world and it is the way Evolute, it is what has put Us where We are.

Carl Jung wrote in His book Paracelsica, that for growing and evolute, You need opposite sides.

Loaded by Harriet Payer Anderss/Jorge Esquivelzeta.

(c) 2013 by Jaapkore

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