What a day! First sushi at RÅ, then a walk to the top of Fjellheisen and a magnificient view: Tromsø surrounded by fog and the Northern Lights dancing above :)
Tromsø was completely covered in fog when I started walking. After 15 minutes of walking/climbing I could see some faint city lights and something green moving above. After 30 minutes of walking/climbing the northern lights went bananas, including a corona, and the fog was clearing up. Then there was 15 desperate minutes of sweating and climbing, trying to reach the top of Fjellheisen before the northern lights disappeared :)
Just after reaching the top @400 meters around midnight, I realized that I was not alone. Mr Northern Lights, Ole Christian was already there, and I bet he's got a few timelapses of both the Northern Lights, and the fog clearing over Tromsø.
This is a 24fps film, shot with a Nikon D4. February 13th, 2013, just after midnight.

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