When a string of unexplainable disappearances occur in a seedy downtown neighbourhood, a supernatural and deadly game of cat and mouse begins between a special agent and a mysterious man. A surrealist sci-fi with elements of film-noir, Bad Coffee is the story of sleazy cops, sleazy women and a crime needing to be solved.

Bad Coffee is a short film by Eric Taylor and James Karvellas, made in Edmonton and premiering on August 1 at Haven Social Club. Originally a concept for one of Taylor’s short stories, the story was adapted and put onto film through the collective effort of a group of young local artists. Now completed after six months of planning and production – aided through the support of FAVA – the project is a testament to the commitment of Edmonton’s creative community.

This is the first serious collaboration for Taylor and Karvellas, whose last production was a remake of Star Wars in the seventh grade. Since that last embarrassingly amateur effort, Karvellas has completed a year-long program at the Vancouver Film School. He returned from the coast this past winter and partnered with his longtime friend to put his new skills into practice.

With a budget of less than $1000, much of the film’s scenes were shot on Edmonton’s streets in the middle of the night. Haven Social Club, an up and coming venue known for its support of local music, offered their space for indoor filming.

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