Narrated by Danny Glover with music by Green River Ordinance and Enric Sifa, "At the End of Slavery: the Battle for Justice in Our Time" is a 31-minute documentary that takes the viewer inside the ugly business of buying and selling human beings, from the brothels of the Philippines to the brick kilns of India. Once inside, you learn that the enduring feature of slavery throughout the ages is violence, deception, and exploitation of labor and lives.

The film, shot in the Philippines, India, Cambodia, and the U.S., includes under-cover footage taken during police operations to rescue children from brothels and slave-filled brick kilns. Leading abolitionists, including Ambassador Mark Lagon of Polaris, Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission, and Kevin Bales of “Free the Slaves” are profiled in the film and discuss the challenge of ending slavery with passion and energy.

Paradoxically, At the End of Slavery is a remarkably optimistic film. You learn about sex trafficking, for example, from little girls who have suffered it, but you also experience liberation through the experiences of children and adults who once were slaves but now are free. Hope and optimism come not only because of their triumph over adversity, but because of the success of law enforcement in finding victims and apprehending perpetrators. IJM’s investigators, lawyers, and social workers and their clients show that there is nothing inevitable about slavery. IJM’s Gary Haugen describes moments in history that are a “tipping point,” and says, “We are closer than we know.”

"At the End of Slavery: the Battle for Justice in Our Time" links today’s anti-slavery movement to the ending of trans-Atlantic slavery and the civil rights movement in the United States. It is a clarion call to every viewer to join the movement to end slavery in our lifetime.

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