Taken from the album Death To Lie Ins, available for free download here: lie-ins.bandcamp.com

Video by Bobby Aherne.


We Were Born Into Corduroy

We were born into corduroy
Like you were born into money
We were the fools reading J.K. Toole
And not knowing why it was funny
Was it our fault we drank liver salts
Instead of pop when our grandma forgot 'em?
And while the bottom fell out of your world
The world fell out of our bottoms

I met you in the old Crane bar
Flirting on some old man's knee
I was disarmed by your busty charm;
You liked the mouthy side of me
We drank beer for what seemed like two New Years
And you pulled on my cracker
And left me there with my tea-towel hair
Getting boxed and returned by two knackers

I wouldn't be seen in those pre-faded jeans
You acted like someone had hit you
But that's as it should be: you're damaged goods
And I'm not the tool to fix you
The sun shone in the airport hall
As you put a planet between us
And Dad said "Mike, I think you'll be all right"
As I stood there holding my weakness

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