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Clients have claimed that it’s the people of Marquis that make the difference. Consultant Kawiana Hawkins agrees.

“Our customer service is top rated,” she says. “We don't have an automated phone system that says press one for this, press two for that. We have real people, people that are willing to go above and beyond. We are a company made up of unique individuals. Each individual has their field of expertise that feeds on others to make our products efficient. We test and retest our products to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best that's available on the market.”

MARQUIS provides the tools to make managing compliance easy and efficient. Their easy-to-use CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending software has received rave reviews throughout the industry and has been proclaimed "incredibly easy and complete with every feature you need.”

CRA Software

MARQUIS’ CRA compliance solutions encompass data integrity, activity tracking, file reviews, exam management, performance reviews and mapping. C/dTrax is an automated method of collecting and reporting Community Development activities, while C-Trax is a unique bundle of the best compliance services and consulting that make CRA & HMDA efficient and affordable.

HMDA Software

HMDA compliance is easier with software that facilitates HMDA file reviews, geo-coding, data integrity and peer analysis. MARQUIS can help analyze HMDA data or conduct a full scale review.

Fair Lending Software

MARQUIS helps clients navigate Fair Lending regulations with software that addresses vital processes such as monitoring, risk assessment and exam management and performance reviews that highlight potential pitfalls in underwriting, redlining and steering.

MARQUIS is committed to getting results that exceed expectations. For more than 20 years, MARQUIS has been committed to finding compliance, sales and marketing solutions for financial institutions. They are focused on making the clients’ job easier, faster, and more accurate.

MARQUIS is the largest provider of MCIF solutions to financial institutions in the world and serves 750 clients worldwide. They can assist clients in employing data-driven MCIF and CRM together to get exceptional results.

MARQUIS is also a pioneer in compliance software, with CRA, HMDA and Fair Lending solutions. They offer easy-to-use software, outsourced services, and professional consulting that directly addresses the needs of each client and delivers the results they desire.

Kawiana Hawkins, Consulting Department, has been with MARQUIS for 12 years. She works with small and large financial institutions providing assistance with CRA/HMDA, upcoming examination needs and file reviews.

MARQUIS Software Solutions, Inc.
5465 Legacy Drive Suite 750
Plano, Texas 75024
469.241.9545 fax


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