(Unedited Version)

Photographs capture and eternalize the essence of life. It contains wordless emotions, reveal concealments, or even serve as a reminder of unclaimed chances. To some, it may revive feelings of happiness. To others, it may relive nostalgia, especially to those who wish to make moments last forever.

Gio Ybañez and Rafaela Uy have always been worlds apart. However, after one fateful night, Gio finds himself caught in Rafa’s alluring world. Witness his roller coaster of emotions as he struggles between the bliss of love and the realities of life. Watch as her philosophies and tales help him discover the magnitude of creation. Be mesmerized and moved as love lets itself flourish from one end to the other and how it makes time stand still.

Dansky Santos
Alexandra Salazar
Rancie Sison
Zoltan Taguibao
JT Salmon
Marian Salazar
Marge Sto. Tomas
Mr. Earl Sumile (special participation)
IV-9 Batch 2013 (special participation)

Directed & Edited by:
Josef Sueno & Adie Rulloda

Written by:
Adie Rulloda

Trisha Salayo
Harriene Santos

Acting Coach:
Kim Sumande

Still by Volcano Choir
Best Day of My Life by American Authors
Hazelton by Bon Iver
Poison & Wine (Instrumental) by The Civil Wars
Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós
Sæglópur by Sigur Rós
Prinsesa by Daniel Padilla
Niggas in Paris by Jay-Z & Kanye West
Never Let Me Go (Instrumental) by Florence + The Machine

Disclaimer: We do not claim any ownership on the music shared in this video. The songs played in this video are intended for promotional use only and will not be sold. This is not intended to infringe upon the rights of the artist/s.

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