New Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Nevra Karaca No7 collection is inspired by “The Flower of Life”, also known as the first seed of life. The symbol which is formed of a continously repeated circle, can be seen in various celestial religions and on archaeological findings from different cultures and civilisations. According to this belief, the symbol contains all the secrets and informations about the creation of nature and human kind.

The Fall- Winter 2013-2014 collection uses different colors as, grey, green and black. As fabrics felt, wool, lycra and satin takes place in “The Silent Language”. With the symbol of “The Flower of Life”on felt fabrics, different geometrical forms come to life in 3 dimensional creations. The brand Nevra Karaca No7 is supported by Taypa Textile.
29/01/13- 8/02/13
Installation Design: NOHlab
Installation: NOHlab & Osman Koç
Technical Supervising: Osman Koç
Motion and Sound Design: NOHlab
Production: NOHlab
Special thanks to Alper Yılmaz

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