This a small preview of the new videos that Fay Ninon will be revealing through the night .

Toronto. ON- February 23rd, 2012-

House of moments Will be presenting a painting exhibition by Fay Ninon and Devon Sioui.


Hosted by Tyrone Edwards (T-Rex)

with Live Music By Anwar Khurdshid and Deniz Reno

Truffle chocolates by CoCo’s Truffels
+ Wine and cheese by House of moments .

What: Love is freedom art exhibit

RSVP: Hamid Kouchak

About Fay Ninon:

Fay Ninon is a self taught Montreal based artist .
She has done 3 solo exhibits in the last year plus showcased her art in multiple event including the Toronto Film festival and the MMVA's .
This young artist is known for her strength of character and sensitivity. A go-getter and visionary, she rushes and aims toward her dreams by keeping her head up and listening and trusting her instincts and inner voice.

An energetic and spiritual being whose goal is to make and take the good and light in an amazing synchronicity through art.
Fay Ninon shares her artistic vision through different dimensions: painting, writing, music, photography, videography and has her own jewelry collection.
Her boundless love for art continues to grow and knows no bounds allowing her to create and sharpen her artist gift and to splash eyes with unique wonder.

About Devon Sioul

Devon can musically shape space through texture and an amalgamation of colors that maintain their identity while all contributing to a chorus. The piece above, “The Color of Purpose” finds its way to emote a totality of motion and new beginnings while casting actual light on you are you look at it… light shining through the near-chaos just as purpose finds its way out of the complexity of living.


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