ADN (VIDEO) 27/06/2008
The Museo Reina Sofía presents an exhibition that takes you on a tour of the ideas, languages and some of the most important works from the last decade related to art, science, technology and society.

Público 26/06/2008
Something to really amaze you. That’s what the Souls and Machines exhibition at the Reina Sofía is like. Robots that sing, ferrofluid fountains, pictures that change their composition according to the visitor’s proximity, animated films… Souls and Machines is an exhibition that Da Vinci would have dreamed about. The show’s made up of such current codes that it becomes something completely unexpected.

ABC 01/07/2008
Going into “Souls and Machines” is to find yourself in a fantasy world in which art comes to life, develops, is contemplated and even interacts with the visitors.

El Cultural 06/07/2008
Souls and Machines, which can be visited at the Museo Reina Sofía until the 15 September, brings together the most well-known names in art of the 21st century.

EL PAÍS 28/06/2008
Historic consciousness also underlies in Souls and Machines, the exhibition curated by Montxo Algora and José Luis de Vicente, directors of the festival ArtFutura, with which the Reina Sofía at last opens up to the most contemporary of creative expressions.

Público 06/07/2008
Plastic animals drifting with the wind.
The artist Theo Jasen creates machines with algorithmic simulation programs.

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