This video is from an adventure ride that 9 of us did on the Australia Day weekend. We went to Jingellic, via the Brindabellas (Brindabella Rd, Barnetts Road, Broken Cart track and Long Pain Road).

The video covers the entire morning - showing the variety of roads. Highlights were the creek crossing and 'that hill' (there's a spot where I stop and wait then head up a hill - it was a lot steeper than it looks on this widescreen video). I don't have video of falling over in a long set of ruts (pity, but my battery had run out).

One of the coolest things for me is that I can clearly see improvement in my riding over the morning - the last section is remarkably faster than the first.

The planned route is here:,148.362122&spn=1.281014,2.526855&sll=-35.930118,147.704444&sspn=0.004995,0.009871&geocode=Feo25v0dz87gCA%3BFWB15f0dtLzaCA%3BFfCq4_0dCbzaCA%3BFTbw4v0dDW_bCA%3BFWba4f0ditDbCA%3BFfLy3v0dmGzaCA%3BFUu_3P0d4N_ZCA%3BFZUi3P0dFC7YCA%3BFQvu3P0dDIPUCA%3BFTle2v0dwufSCA%3BFb832v0dj_jRCA%3BFeSC2v0dgaXRCA%3BFRrG2_0d68TNCA&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=ls&z=9

The video goes to point F.

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