Whistler is a sure shot by John Wells

You can’t go wrong anywhere at Whistler Blackcomb. Even if you ride the lifts with no ski gear and just eat a meal at the Roundhouse or sight-see, that will be the best lunch or ride you have ever had. Same goes for scoping sunny lines to be had in the forecast and preying on high pressure weather windows, WB (Whistler Blackcomb) always rewards the patient ones.

After a foggy rundown the day before, the alpine popped blue and the sure thing I was betting on came through. Off we went out the gate for another epic multi line day filled with limitless ideas, plans, and goals. This is how it works at WB, you dream it, wake up, and do it.

The Beastie Boys have had an everlasting effect on my life. The days of stealing my brothers’ copy of “License to Ill” and going for a bike ride on my BMX jamming out hard on the yellow Walkman “sport” edition are all too familiar. Now instead of a BMX I am rocking G3 Empires, not much has changed, still making funny faces in the camera (GoBro FACE) and still having as much fun as humanly possible.

I suggest you find a Canadian partner or just pile 9,999 bucks into your pocket and get to Whis for a season and you’ll be dancing around like it’s circa 1994…because you can’t, you won’t and ya don’t stop.
Whistler is always a sure shot.

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