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Standing between 5' - 5'1", these aspiring filmmakers from Mapúa Institute of Technology aim to give definition to the saying: "small but terrible".

Five Foot Productions
Doris Arvisu is 5'
Lea Mercado is 5' 1/2" (antiherstamine.tumblr.com | vimeo.com/antiherstamine)
Abby Tuangco is 5'1" (thederangednix.tumblr.com | vimeo.com/thederangednix)

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@antiherstamine | @thederangednix | @rianne_arvisu

Tumblr: facebook.com/5footproductions
Twitter: twitter.com/5ftproductions
Facebook: 5footproductions.tumblr.com/


Five Foot Productions is open for collaborations.
Recent collaborations have been with:
Cart Gabrino (akosicart.tumblr.com | vimeo.com/user7329846)
Kiko de Dios (kikodedios.tumblr.com)
Kirk Sanchez (snchzkrk.tumblr.com | vimeo.com/kirksanchez)
Marj Maralit (marjmaralit.tumblr.com)
Johnly Kueh Kim Chai

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