While supervisors are the closest management representatives to the work being done, there is often no clarity around what safety functions they should be performing, and little engagement of supervisors in safety.

What supervisors do — and how well they do it — can have a positive impact on safety efforts as well as overall performance. When supervisors are doing the right activities in ways that build a strong safety culture, not only does safety itself improve, but the leadership skills employed can drive improvement in production, quality, and other critical performance areas as well.

In this webinar we will address questions including:

• What are the key safety “tasks” for supervisors?
• What differentiates between doing these tasks effectively and ineffectively?
• How can organizations ensure that these tasks are done well?

BST President Scott Stricoff discusses key safety activities for supervisors; how these activities are directly related to the leadership practices that drive safety; and how organizations can use safety leadership as a means to improve overall supervisor effectiveness.

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