What is Organizational Leadership?
The major approaches the study of leadership from an interdisciplinary approach drawing from the fields of psychology, sociology, communication, and philosophy. Each of these fields contributes to teaching us how to be more effective leaders within our organizations. Students don't have to be in supervisory or management positions to benefit from the program. We are all in positions where we hope to influence others in a positive way regardless of our job titles. The skills, knowledge, and personal growth gained will help you be more effective in your current position as well as prepare you for future opportunities for advancement.

-Dr. Steve Holler, Program Director

Increase your employment potential with a Bachelor of Science degree from Greenville College. Our accelerated 18 month program is offered completely online as well as at various in-person sites, and is designed to complement your busy schedule. The Organizational Leadership program boasts a 16 year history of success with more than 1,500 graduates.

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