This video depicts the best day of my life thus far.

When I started drifting last July, I never really expected to be competitive, even locally. For that reason, I was hesitant to sign up for the Import Face-Off drift competition that was being held at the local track. However, when the Friday "for fun" event was cancelled due to rain, I decided that I wanted to get my track time, one way or the other, and signed up for the competition.

On the day of the competition it was still raining heavily. Luckily, it stopped raining right before the scheduled practice session. Even without new rain coming down, the track was still slicker than something really slick (I don't know, use your imaginations).

I didn't link a single run in the practice sessions. When my time came to qualify, I was not optimistic. But something clicked - some kind of mixture of clarity and rage, combined with the fact that everyone at the track had their eyes on me, and weren't expecting much, and as a result I performed the 2 best runs of my drifting career thus far.

This led to my first tandem experience, my first head-to-head victory, and my first defeat at my own hands.

Drifting will never be the same, and I can't wait.

Special Thanks:
Brett Long
Matt McPherron
Firebird Raceway
Trial By Fire
Direct port nitrous injection, four-core intercoolers, an' ball-bearing turbos, and... um... titanium valve springs. Thank you.

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home

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