The Native Roots DTS has all of the components of a standard missions DTS with the exception that it will be uniting Native believers from all over the world; Indigenous Central and South Americans, Native Americans, Inupiat-Yupik nations, First Nations Canadians, Canadian Métis and Inuit, Indigenous Aboriginal Australians, Pacific Islanders, New Zealand Māori, African Tribal Nations, Scandinavian Sámi, Taiwanese Aboriginals, and many more.

It is said that Panama is “The Crossroad’s of The World” because of the canal. The narrow Isthmus of Panama unites North and South America together. We believe that this DTS is meant to unite the native-indigenous nations of the earth while also commissioning them into the world as part of the Global 4th Wave of missions.

All of the classes will be taught by Native-Indigenous teachers from across the globe and by missionaries who have years of personal experience working with aboriginal-nations. The expectation is that the students will experience a world-wide vision for what the Creator is doing in and through His Tribes.

During the outreach phase the students will spend 2 months traveling to different native-indigenous communities, sharing their faith through creative cultural exchange (traditional regalia, music, dance, arts, crafts) and story-telling.

Classes will be Bilingual; taught in English and in Spanish

Dates: July 5th – November 21st, 2013

If you identify as indigenous and want to be a part of this incredible union of nations, we invite you to contact us:

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