This Project has pre-rendered Trapcode Form and Red Giant Knoll Light factory layers. So,you don’t need these plug ins. However I have included another project like a separate file that uses the Trapcode Form and Red Giant Knoll Light factory layers just in case you have these plug ins and want to change something.

The 3D texts Z depth will take automatically all colors and movements from your Images or Videos.

For example:your Placeholder 1 text depth will get automatically the colors and the color movements from your Placeholder 1 Image or Video Note:The 3D depth of the following texts “First Text”,”Second Text”,”Sci-Fi TrailerV3”3DText” and “Only on Videohive” will take the Colors and the Color Movements from your Placeholder 1 Image or Video,same thing for your Final Logo 3D depth,so,for best results be sure your Placeholder 1 image or Video to be with more bright dynamic colors. The Glass Shatter Pieces also will take automatically your Image Or Video for texture.

Compositions very easily customized , insert text, change fonts. 5 Placeholders for media, photos and videos. Text Instructions. Helpful Full screen 10 minutes Video Tutorial.

I hope you like this project...
Thank you!

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