A lot of awesome people seem to have awesome ideas, but never take it to the next step. What a shame, what a waste! Imagine how different the world would be if all your brilliant ideas could become reality. That’s why we at CreativeClass invite you to share your ideas at our casual ‘open mic’ nights. The least you’ll get out of this is direct feedback, a chance to meet fellow creative minds and interesting network connections. But, if you’re really up to something, you might even end up getting a €2.500 boost to further develop your idea. Who knows where this might lead! World domination?

*Stand-Up Start-Up is a Creative Drive project
Creative Drive, creativedrive.eu is an initiative of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, Interreg, the European Union, the Belgian Province of Limburg, Wallonia and MWEBWV LNW.
CreativeClass is supported by the city of Hasselt, Belgium.

Check out: standupstartup.be and creativeclass.be

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