On Sunday (2012.12.02) 6pm to the Colony to the lecture was given by Jurij Dobriakov "Mapping the Self: Being Born In a Place One Does Not Belong In". He is Lithuanian culture critic and writer born in Sovetsk (Russian name, DE- Tilsit, LT - Tilžė, Kaliningrad region) in 1983, grown-up in Klaipėda and now based in Vilnius. The lecture was happening in the on Hosting and Displacing.

Summary of the lecture:
How does one build one's connection with a place where one is merely a representative of the last wave of colonizers? How does one construct one's self in relation to this place? What does it mean to be a colonizer, and can a colonizer ever become a local? What role do place names play in colonizing or "domesticating" the new territory, and how does naming and renaming transform the place? How can one displace oneself creatively and positively in a place that has a history of violent displacement, conquest and colonization? These and similar questions will frame the presentation that will hopefully turn into a productive discussion.

Here is also a text related to the talk by him

This lecture is a part of the projects East-West together with "On Hosting and Displacing" organised by VDA Nida Art Colony and ECAV . The curated exhibition "Taking Time" generated from these two projects was opened from 10th to 15th December 6pm in Vilnius in the gallery "Akademija".

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