"Click here hothotsoftware.com/videoImage.php?mainname=12 for more details on File compare to compare files software for two different binary or text files

Have you ever wanted to compare two different files quickly, but haven't had the tools you need? Then this software is for you! Download the file compare software for free and try it now! This software features:
The ability to easily compare two files and see the differences immediately
The ability to compare different sized files, as well as do straight binary file comparison with identical sized files
Text or binary differences between the two files are highlighted in red, but you have the ability to change the color, as well as include a text highlighter
You can modify the different files and then save the output
It is great for comparing text files and finding the text differences, programming files (i.e., c++, java, assembly and so forth) to help you see changes between previous sourced versions, as well as great for file comparing two documents, in otherwords, comparing the complete file contents!
Note about Comparing Text Files:

With the unique logic, it is also a great tool to compare two different sized text files. It will automatically go through both text files, and if it finds a difference in one, or several lines, display those, and then continue on from where the files are 'identical' and then continue to find more/new differences. It is great because you can compare different sized files and find the differences!

Note about Comparing Binary Files:

Not only can you do a line by line input for binary files as well, but you can do a straight binary compare for identical sized files. The software will go through each byte, and find any byte differences and highlight those differences!

Try this excellent file comparison software for free, or get the full version now!"

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