High quality version of a video I did recently for some lakefront property, also highlighting a little known area of Panama. Shot on the 5D and GH2 with Flow-motion hack.

Description from youtube link:

Eastern Panama is beginning to take its place as a unique and beautiful region of Panama. Lake Bayano and its Bayano Caves, located in eastern Panama Province not far from Panama City, have already brought increasing numbers of Panamanians and foreign visitors to its shores and the numbers continue to increase. The hydroelectric power plant at the Lake provides a substantial portion of the electricity that lights homes and offices in Panama City and, in recent years, the Lake has become a center of tilapia farming and tilapia are now found in major supermarkets locally, as well as exported. The identification of substantial oil and natural gas in eastern Panama will become more widely-recognized in 2013 as companies compete for the rights to develop these resources, bringing still more attention to the Lake as well as the region. The economy of eastern Panama is in the early stages of a significant economic boom.

But the real story of Lake Bayano is its beauty. With 80% of the Lake's waterfront held within a "comarca", an area set aside for Panama's indigenous peoples and where commercial activities are forbidden, only 20% is available for sale as property. This lot is the only one of its kind currently for sale, but the winds of change are blowing and they are coming to all of the east, including the Lake. Only an hour and a half from downtown Panama City and with a newly paved Inter-American highway and newly-installed bridges, travel to and from the city, Panama's largest market for vacation homes and touristic activities, is faster and more comfortable as well. In addition, the property fronts on the only paved road in the Lake area other than the Inter-American highway and directly linking to it,

For those who think in terms of acres, not square meters, the price per acre is 22K.

This is the period when someone who either wishes to live or set up a tourist business or both in a stunningly beautiful location should be thinking seriously about Lake Bayano. Land for construction will not be cheaper, it will be more expensive in the near future. A wise investor does not wait. For more information on this property visit panamalakeproperty.wordpress.com. For more on Lake Bayano, visit LakeBayano.com or LagoBayano.com (español).

With his background in global economic development and investment, Bob has written on five occasions for Barron's, the US financial publication, and on multiple occasions for Minyanville and Business Insider, as well as interviewed by CNBC, the New York Times, USA Today, US News and World Report, and a long list of others.

Many thanks to Kent Davis and Jeffrey Lane for their comments and most certainly Stuart Hooper who produced and directed the video. Thank you, guys!

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