WAKFU is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for PC, Mac and Linux.
Create a character from one of the 14 unique classes, fight, gain experience, and form a guild with other players to progress and experience fantastic adventures together.
Your role in the game
As the hero, your first task is to help rebuild the world!
Of course, it’s entirely up to you how you rebuild the Nations, there’s no right or wrong way – you’ll be able to manage the ecosystem, political system and entire game economy as you see fit.
Uncover the mysteries of the World of Twelve: its secret treasures and hidden areas, as well as the origin of the great flood.

Develop your character even further by learning a profession, or by taking up a seat in your Nation’s political office. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be the next Governor!

Get ready for epic battles where your skills as a strategist will be put to the test. Only the best will win!

Whether you’re a fighter or a politician, a trader or a craftsman, in WAKFU, everything depends on you!

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