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Professor Alvarez and I started the ChronoZoom project when I was a senior at UC Berkeley. For the past four years, we have been able to develop it thanks to the expertise, guidance and engineering efforts of Microsoft Research. Our partners, Moscow State University (Russia) and more recently the University of Washington Information School have brought ChronoZoom to life.

ChronoZoom has been a dream come true, and as an open source community led project my hope is that we can inspire students to realize all the vast time that has passed, and to better appreciate it and our rich history

ChronoZoom is a tool to visualize all of time, from a single day out to the Big Bang using a zoomable interface. It's especially focused to help the emerging field of Big History. At the core, it is a tool designed to help better understand the scales of time.

You can try our beta here:

We are currently working on a 1.0 release due in July, 2013.

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