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Who's to Blame?


I've seen the hunger I've seen the pain
I've smelled the flowers I've felt the rain
I've seen the rich and poor and the poor are just the same
Who's to Blame? Who's to Blame?

I heard the people call his name
but he did nothing to help the lame
Their tears are stinging feel their shame
Who's to Blame? Who's to Blame?
Tell Me

The children don't want to play
With nukes that matter It's not their game
They've got something better to say
That peace is the way it's the way

Rap part

Who's to blame keeps running through my brain
We trash the earth We all should be ashamed
Milli Vanilli blamed it on the rain
We spend all our money and our problems still remain
Too many guns in the USA
Millions of sex slaves underage
We can do better than that We're the human race
Won't someone tell me Whos to blame?

And if Man fails The End
Tell me Tell me Who's To Blame?
Who's To Blame?
Who's To Blame?
Who's To Blame?
Tell Me

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