Two years ago, on my 30th birthday, our amazing friends helped us raise over $7,000 to help Menzi Zulu go to University. Menzi is an incredible young South African leader, and we are proud as a family to be supporting him in his degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Please join us this year as we aim to double the funds we raised two years ago, and help Menzi continue his degree!

Tan and I were so blessed this year to be able to visit Menzi in South Africa over Christmas at Gold’s Golden Acre Children’s Home, and see first hand the impact that your support for him is having. He is a vibrant, intelligent young man and a great friend to all who love and care for him. He has excelled in his year at University (see his update below). We have attached some pictures of our visit and video of Menzi dancing a traditional Zulu dance with his friends - it was awesome!

An Update From Menzi on His First Year

"My first year at the University of KwaZulu Natal has given me the opportunity to make many new friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience to date. The learning environment creates an outstanding educational experience where lectures are always available to offer advice and suggested reading material; the library provides an area to allow me to research my subject and the institution as a whole is full of opportunities ranging from sports to youth building organizations. Like any other University there are some difficulties, which are somewhat problematic and not so easily overcome, however, these are based at an individual level. We are all entitled to our own choices in life and it is extremely unfortunate that a handful of us abuse the choices we have. Bad choices can poorly affect the person we become and the wrong choices made by just a few can in turn damage the image of the school.

I have discovered, through experience, that time management plays a very significant role on how well you do on your subjects. Frustratingly we can loose focus and often spend much of our precious time chatting to friends and going out to have fun. Without noticing you can forget the core purpose of being part on an institution in the first place. I am thankful though that I have been able to confront and overcome most of the obstacles I have been faced with in the first year. Now that the second year is upon us I feel I need to be challenged further and am more eager than ever to push myself to go beyond my limits through relentless drive and determination.

My aim for this year is to be more involved in youth building campaigns. I would also love to make a significant impact on individuals’ lives and one way of doing this is to discuss our difficulties in life and how we can plan to rise above them. Another area I would like to focus on more this year is the situation we have with youth and drug addiction. Specifically looking at how we may address the matter and uncover some of the primary reasons for taking drugs. Is there anything we can do to change the factors that cause individuals to engage in a drugs culture?

University life has taught me quite a lot in the first year alone, lessons which I will treasure for a lifetime. I believe I am more independent now and have made myself core rules based on the principles I learned at home (GGA and Swayimane). I have also been able to learn from my mistakes and the mistake from those around me, which will help shape my judgment in future. I have seen how important it is to interact with my peers as there are so many good young people out there. If only there was more interaction and encouragement amongst the youth who are eager to make the world a better place there would be so much going on. It is said that a team is as strong as it’s weakest link and if we all fight for a better tomorrow for everyone we will definitely see the impact or result of our fight in time.

I am really thankful to God for all that I have been able to achieve in the past years. I am also thankful for having Hugh in my life, we met 12 years ago and ever since he has been a brother to me."

For my birthday, I want nothing more than for Menzi to be able to continue his education!

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