I've known this girl for three years now. We met on Twitter, believe it or not, and we're really good friends now. Now, we’ve finally gotten the chance to meet each other AND meet a hot, sexy wizard (AKA Tom Felton). Anywho, I’m going to meet up with her and another friend for the St. Louis Wizard World convention. BUT the only problem with that perfect plan is that I don’t have transportation money.

I’m going from Charlotte, NC to St. Louis, roundtrip (because no matter how much I love Kitty, I don’t wanna be away from home 5ever), which costs about $200 (extra $100 for "just in case"), money I don’t have right now. That’s the undefinitive cost for travel right now, but we’re looking into other options.

I have $120ish saved up right now, but I need that to cover my ticket cost and bills I need to pay before then for the convention. So, I know other people have other things like this for worse things, but this would really mean the world to me to go see her.

I've decided that anyone who donates will receive a thank you note from me and Kitty. This will literally be the best trip ever if it actually happens.

Thank you in advance and thank you for reading.


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