The way of how to use Japanese wrapping cloth "Furoshiki"
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Furoshiki "A multi use wrapping cloth" Furoshiki is a type of Japanese traditional wrapping cloth, it has been use for more than 400 years in Japan. You can use it as a carrier bag, gift wrapping and wrap whatever you want. This is most eco friendly wrapping bag.

This Furoshiki on the video is brand new Furoshiki. It has water repellent finish. Thus you can carry 10litter water, of course repels water or orange juice as you seen on video. We hardly recommend it to use as an outdoor gadget, protect from unexpected rain.
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Manufacturer: ASAKURA SENPU CO.,LTD 朝倉染布株式会社

This video produced by : / centean inc.

Music by: Yasuhiro Nakashima

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