Yle, The Council and Fake Graphics created new identities for Yle News and Yle Sport.

Fake created several individual animations for Yle News and provided Yle with material that can be modified and edited for various different uses. The new, bright and modern visuals will strengthen the news brand and help people identify with Yle’s news contents.

Similar to News, the Sport material was also delivered with certain editable elements. We used motion capture to record realistic athletic movement in 3D, which was used as a starting point for animation. The end result was then directed towards a more abstract and artistic interpretation of movement. While the animation consists of simple geometric shapes moving through space, the figures become recognizable through their organic motion.

Client: YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company)
Fake Graphics Creative Team: Sami Syrjä (CD), Neea Kilkki, Molla Karjaluoto, Tiia Kero, Harri Hännikäinen, Teemu Berglund, Mikkko Perkiökangas, Teemu Kutvonen, Santeri Piilonen, Panu Kujala, Tero Huttunen, Antti Herva, Mikko Lahti, Jaska Syvänen, Ville Vaajakallio, Raine Kuusi, Jyri Leppänen.

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