A Fabrica produced videoclip directed by Matteo de Mayda and Silvia Costa, part of the EL VIAJE album by the Colombian violinist and composer Jhon William Castaño Montoya, researcher at Fabrica's Music area.

Filmed in the Cansiglio Forest, 100 PASOS tells the story of a spiritual creature of the woods, living in harmony with her surroundings and talking with nature through long forgotten shamanic gestures. In spite of her superior sensibility, she is faced with the burdens that are part of being a human being.

EL VIAJE is a voluptuous blend of South American traditions and typical cadences of the language of western music. A meandering voyage of passion and reflection through soundscapes of hills and mountains, seas and mountain chains. But it is also perceptions of the state of mind of the world, expressed through harmonious guitar chords and energetic percussion rhythms, all accompanied by the vibrant voice of the violin.

EL VIAJE is distributed by Milano Dischi srl (stradivarius.it) in Italy and abroad, and is also available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/it/album/el-viaje-fabrica-musica-vol./id482577586

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