Here we are, using Vimeo again coz youtube keep muting my backing tracks! No matter! Vimeo has much better quality streaming:)
So, without further ado, we bring you some jumpy jumpy action, fresh from the jumps at the bottom end of the Hope Line at Gisburn Forest. If you're a fan of crashes there's quite a good one at the end. Thankfully it wasn't one of the goup:)
It was a cold but nice day when Col + The Gang came out to play with Trail Motions Bike Skills.
It was so cold, we had to wrap Claire up in an extra layer, several Buffs and a pair of big baggy boy pants!
After a short spell de-frosting in a survival bag she emerged with guns blazing to shred some trail with the boys.
A jolly good day was had by all and eveyone did a great job of having a go at the front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts and the hops, jumps and drops:)
Awesome stuff, well done boys and girls!!

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