For my thesis film while studying Filmmaking and Cinematography at the New York Film Academy in January 2013 where I was the only Erotic Filmmaker enrolled and a woman at that, I had wanted to make a film about the fantasies of normal people, couples, singles, gay, straight, fetish, "normal" and everywhere I looked, normal people were too reserved about getting naked or having sex on camera. I then had to rewrite the script 3 times before I ended up with this film and I got to work with an amazing actress who has been nude in my silent 16mm b&w film I made before, so even though it wasn't what I intended it to be, I'm really happy with what I've made. I hope it encourages you to fantasize more and act out your fantasies with your partners...

And stay tuned for the original version of the script!

Female Performance by: Stephanie Foltz
Male Performance by: Sujit Mayya
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Suelan
DoP, Gaffer: Adriana Cohen
Production: Adriana Cohen, Suelan
Sound: Sujit Mayya
"Knock 123" by Imelda May on Love Tattoo

Special Thanks:
Piero Basso
VP Boyle
Elena Krapcheva
James Ford-Hutchinson
Anthony Bossone
Amorette Singh Allison
Marina Teekah

New York City

Common Sexual Fantasies

1. Me and Zac Efron alone on a beach.
2. Make love in a pile of satin sheets in the hills of Scotland with the most erotic and sexually pleasing Italian man, who has a very defined six pack and the “V”!
3. Cover my entire body in powdered sugar before sex.
4. To reach orgasm before my partner.
5. My partner dressed up as Batman and saving me.
6. Resisting a man and playing hard to get, but he gets tired of the game and forces me into sex, even though I'm resisting (but I secretly want it).
7. Sex with my partner and another man (ideally, a male porn star). I would enjoy equal participation from everyone. Threesome baby!
8. My girlfriend dresses up as a fire fighter and comes home after a long day and we share a wonderful night of passionate love together.
9. To get it from behind while standing in front of a glass window overlooking the entire city of Vegas (or any other sweet city) from a hot, muscular, dark haired stranger that I pick up from the bar that night.
10. To be a princess, get swept off my feet by my Prince Charming, ride off into the sunset on his white horse and then GET IT ON!
1. To have a hot girl just look at me and say, “Let’s go back to my place right now!”
2. Have sex with a mother and daughter at the same time.
3. Start off with an exotic dinner and music, then head to the bedroom for a long prelude of foreplay. This could include eating desserts off of the other person, including whipped cream, Jell-o, and so on—then moving on to intercourse in all different kinds of positions.
4. Me + my girlfriend + her best female friend = threesome
5. An evening of complete catering to my ever want and desire. My favourite meal prepared for me, an entire afternoon of watching football with my partner waiting on me hand and foot, followed by sexual adventures.
6. To sleep with a teacher who is around 35-45 years old and be seduced in the classroom.
7. Sex in the shower, but she wears a Chewbacca costume and I am Darth Vader.
8. To have my partner completely take control. Someone who will take what they want when they want it and dominate me. I am in such control in all other aspects of my life—I just want to be taken advantage of.
9. Sitting in a tree with some Cheetos and watching people have sex in their master bedroom.
10. A threesome with two girls and me. We are in a private box at a game. Right from the start they would be the dominant ones, while I wait for commands.

What is your fantasy?

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