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We had the opportunity to collaborate with a good friend of ours Sarah Ann DiNardo...and create a video exploring her thought process behind doing what she loves. She is an incredibly talented artist, who creates very unique artwork that we have never seen before. So we were excited to document her creative process, and capture it on film. Many thanks to Sarah for allowing us to experiment with various creative ideas...we really appreciate it.

- gnarly bay crew
- aaron laipply (audio + 2nd camera)
- ian wishingrad
- colin bennett
- sadie bell (dog)
- the malted barley
- cambridge market antique store

- canon c300
- canon 5d mk III
- canon primes (14, 24, 35, 50, 85, 100)
- steadicam pilot
- camtree e-slider
- ring light
- camcrane 200

with etiquette - eclectic bells - matthew morgan
with etiquette - intimidated by silence - cars & trains

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