This was a goofy video my roommates and I decided to make last October. It took awhile for us to finish it, but the result was worth it.

Eye Candy -- Jameson Patz

The Dirtbag -- Dewey Noordmans

Liam -- William Farmer

Ladies Man -- Wesley Farmer

Extra Credits (In order of Appearance)

Girl #1: Elizabeth Reetz
Couple on corner: Josiah Nelson, Sarah Greenwald
Bar Extras:

Eric Evans
Corey Knudsen
Elbert Belk IV
Brandon Bloemeke
William Farmer
Joel Frees
Jordan Hays
Katelyn Stark
Brooke Pals
Charis Rountree

Pool Loungers: George Baldwin, Bill Snodgrass
Kid at Lemonade Stand: Andrew Farmer
Wesley's Ladies: Charis Rountree, Brooke Pals, Tori Parker, Sarah Goraczewski
Jealous Boyfriends: Tyler Rountree, Jordan Vittum, Corey Knudsen

A HUGE thanks to all of our friends who volunteered to be part of our video!

Directed by Jameson Patz and Dewey Noordmans

Produced by moor301

Edited by Dewey Noordmans

Dancing locations courtesy of The Peabody Hotel.

Filmed on location in Memphis, Tennessee USA

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