This project has been a personal enrichment at all expected.

We have created a team that we are sure will create great things in the future.

But the most important thing and the thing that has made us grow as people, has been known to Antonio, a boy of Equatorial Guinea completely blind. Antonio works selling lottery in a corner near my house. He lost vision in his country, when a thief broke into his house to steal and shot him in the face. Instead of collapsing, Antonio plays piano works, do diapering his 4 years old son, and is vice president of an association for the blind in the country.

Curiously, his dream was to make a video to show people of Equatorial Guinea that the blind can also do things for themselves, because in that country, the blind as Antonio tells us, are marginalized and can not carry they life autonomous.

The good energy, fate or just luck, wished that one day we might meet him. It was at the door of the supermarket where he works, he offered to do something he never done. He told us that he had always wanted to ride a bike.

We got scared at first because he wanted to do it without shooting tricks. So we set to work, one of us stood in front of him (off screen) and sounded a bicycle bell by which he was guided. The most surprising thing is not that he could cycling being blind and without ever ridden, Is that he didn´t doubt even for a moment. He did pedal so hard that it was hard for us to follow him with the camera. We hope you like the video, either way, we've already got a prize. Knowing someone so big and brave as Antonio.

This project would not have been possible with the collaboration of all of you.
Special thanks to:

Antonio Claret
David Peña Dorantes
Esteban Ruiz & José A. Pérez (I AM DIVE)
Eli Finberg
Luis Salvago
Javier Chaves

A work by Pablo Ruiz, Eduardo Reolid y Pablo Ybarra

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