High-contrast pampas grass shot with Nikon Gamma Controls picture profiles.
Camera: Nikon D5100 @ ISO 100

This video sequence demonstrates how Nikon Gamma Controls can be used to dial in the desired amount of shadow detail, while leaving highlight exposure unchanged. Each set of installable custom profiles enhances Nikon's built-in picture profiles with a calibrated range of gamma boosts, from 1.0 to 0.4.

Nikon Gamma Controls enable videographers to interactively flatten the contrast of harshly lit scenes, preserving detail that would otherwise be lost in the shadows. The custom gamma level of each video can be further fine-turned in post-production, using the standardized gamma controls provided by virtually all modern video editors. Sample grading results can be seen here:


User-installed Custom Picture Profiles are supported by most contemporary Nikon DSLR cameras. More information can be found on Nikon's website:


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