Note: We have just released part one of our new infrared art/doco film 'brindabellas' - which is the follow up to karst country. The trailer for the whole film can be seen at and 'part one summer' can be bought from

Karst Country

This work was created by Glen Ryan and James van der Moezel of silver dory productions .

This short piece was the motion component of the February 2013 Karst Country exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre in Canberra, Australia. It features the limestone landscapes near Wee Jasper NSW captured in near infra-red. While much of the footage is time-lapse there are also some sections of both normal and slow motion footage filmed with standard RED Scarlet-X and Epic-X cameras.

This piece was originally intended to simply play alongside the photographs and painting featured in the Karst Country exhibition and was only put together at the last moment with footage shot alongside the exhibition stills. However with the popularity of the piece on Vimeo and widespread publication across the web consideration was given to reworking the original version and releasing it at higher quality.

In 2014 this plan was shelved to instead work on the larger 'brindabellas' project ( now at - although the karst country version now on Vimeo was slightly updated and extended with additional footage in April 2014.

Technical details :
production : RED Scarlet-X / Epic-X cameras.
Nikon lenses
IR filters (R72)
Edit: Adobe PPro and AE
Music by David Lawrence.

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