An ultra modern gothic thriller in early development, pilot written and directed by LUCY CAMPBELL

Four brilliant young medical scientists, working at the cutting edge of stem cell research, are challenged by a rival group to build a living child out of stem cell regenerated human and animal body parts, stolen from mortuaries and butchers. Working secretly, without ethical approval, they cross a boundary which was not meant to be crossed. A tragedy for our times, the young scientists, initially elated, are soon horrified by what they have done, and the burden they have taken upon themselves. Wishing to snuff out the life they have created, their intimacy starts to fracture and crumble.

The nightmare is compounded when an investigation into the disappearance of embryos from the university lab threatens them with career-ending revelations. They destroy all evidence of their project and arrange to dispose of the child. However, one of the scientists, overwhelmed with the nature of what they’ve done, refuses to go through with the plan: she steals the child and goes on the run. Desperate and furious, the others give chase. Events spiral out of control, tragedy ensues, and the scientists must face the consequences of their actions.

This film is currently in early development. This is a pilot of the opening scene.

JOSHUA BOYD as the child Jack
LUCY CAMPBELL writer director
LORAN DUNN producer
CHRIS FISHER Sound designer
ZORA KUETTNER co-producer and researcher
CLARE GARCIN scientific advisor
NIKKI ARMSTRONG make up artist

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