This nature and wildlife film uncovers the natural beauty of the Azorean Islands 2000km
off the European mainland in the midst of the Atlantic ocean. Its pristine crystal clear waters
are home to one of the largest population of whales and dolphins and attracts large fish
from tuna to jack fish as well as giant shoals of sardines. The seven volcanic islands are
covered with flowers and dense vegetation and its rough black-rock shorelines house
stunning numbers of marine birds and wildlife. The adventurer Norberto Serpa teams up
with marine biologist Monica A. Silva to tag and research bypassing finwhales which reach
up to 25m in length. A daring adventure that usually bears little success. While repeated
efforts are made to approach the fast diving finwhales in the rough open sea, they come
across a “bait-ball” where hundreds of dolphins work in sync with thousands of birds to
hunt down a large shoal of sardines. Just as the water starts cooking in a feeding frenzy
a finwhale surfaces to join the feast…

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