Trial Eliminator is a popular contest at Dressler Camp and other events we organize. Very simple, funny and exciting.
There is a single section that starts with easy obstacles and gets progressively more difficult, building up to a crazy ending.

Only the rider who cleans it wins. It's a perfect contest for everybody, six year old riders, their parents, spectators, amateurs, pro riders or the world champion all ride the same section. Everybody can take a part ;)

This video should give a little hint on how to build Eliminator section.
Just take every obstacle you have available and link it together into one section. We recommend creating a few checkpoints throughout the section. Riders can collect prizes for reaching these checkpoints, so even the smallest kids can win a prize. We often award riders with stickers, hats, t-shirts, gloves, tyres and the riders that clean the section win G-Shocks.
The end of the section should be little crazy, so hopefully only one rider can pass it and become the only winner. If there is more than one rider cleaning the section, you can determine the champion by the time spent in the section (in case you want only one winner).

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