2'50'' from 8'54''' video
collectif_fact, Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet

For each film that comes out in theatres a trailer is broadcasted for its promotion. These excerpts are usually drawn from the most exciting parts of the film and shown in abbreviated form. Voice-overs are used to briefly set up the premise of the film and provide explanation when necessary. The script of the video 'A Story like no Other' is written with voice-overs gathered from some 50 trailers, from Hitchcock’s 'Spellbound' (1945) to George Nolfi’s 'Adjustment Bureau' (2011). Mysterious by design, in order not to give too much of the films away, the extracts are combined to tell the story of a man at the heart of a dangerous adventure.
Voice-overs of trailers are always exciting, mysterious and full of suspense, teasing for a pleasure soon to come. They need to tell a story in a highly condensed way with a maximum appeal. 'A Story like no Other' plays ironically with this kind of hype as our protagonists switch from the role of actor to the one of narrator and vice versa. To imagine a story we don’t need much and when its ending is uncertain, what else can we do, but taking part in it, as our protagonists do?

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